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Antiquing is a favorite coastal activity. For those rainy, windy days that you don’t want to be outside, antiquing is the perfect way to spend your time. Some might think that antiquing is the same as going thrift shopping, but true “antiquers” would argue that they are very different. Thrift shopping is something you might do to find cheaper every-day household goods like a toaster or a sweatshirt. Antiquing on the other hand is much more of a treasure-hunt for old and collectible items. From beautiful old furniture and jewelry to depression glass and china sets, antiquing is the upgraded thrifting. This also means that prices will reflect that – so don’t expect thrift store prices at the antique shops.

What is our fascination with old things though? It has to do with the draw of the story of the item, the idea that it lived a past life and was abandoned by it’s owner. It’s also fun to find items that may have been at your grandparent’s house when you were young and so the nostalgia brings you back. Additionally, the way things were made “back then” was so different – from the durability, to the material used. Take, for example, an electric fan. Today, fans are boring and made of plastic and break rather quickly. However, older fans were made of metal, looked cooler, and were made to last. The craftsmanship you can find in old furniture is also something largely of the past, with most new furniture being mass-produced in factories.

Whether you are antiquing for the nostalgia, the hunt, the stories, or style, the shops on the Oregon Coast will have something for you.

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash


First: wake up, admire the ocean from one of our homes, and maybe go for a sunrise dip in the hot tub. Next it’s time to grab your favorite cup of coffee from a local shop (Green Salmon is our go-to choice), and head out! When antiquing, having a game plan is key. Mapping out the shops you want to go to and in what order will help you save time and gas. We like to start out at the place farthest from home, so we might head up north to Lincoln City and check out the Little Antique Mall. Lincoln City has the most antique shops, so choosing a few to check out is probably a good idea. After stopping at a few shops, it’s time for some lunch at The Wild Flower Grill to re-coop, gab about your findings, and plan the next stops. From Lincoln City, it’s time to move south, and check out Time Capsule Antiques and More in Depoe Bay and Pirate’s Plunder in Newport. Before heading home to The Rock in Seal Rock, make one last stop at Seal Rock Antiques. Hopefully at the end of the day you have sourced some incredible findings and you can assess the loot back home. Antiquing can be very tiring, walking around for hours, so make sure to treat yourself for dinner at Yachats Brewing and Farmhouse for a tasty mushroom crepe and beer.


Photo by William on Unsplash


Part of the plan you should make before you start, is a list of potential items you want to be on the look for. Are you redecorating? Does your living room need a lamp?

It’s also good to keep in the back of your mind what you would pay for the item if you found it and not go over your budget.

Take your time walking through. Antique shops are always jam-packed with goodies and it can be easy to overlook some gems. You might want to look twice in some areas as well.

Antiquing is also very good for looking for items from a specific time period, so do some research before you go so you know what to look for and how much the pieces usually cost.

Read some extra tips HERE.

During “normal” years, Lincoln City puts on an Antiques and Collectibles Week and Scavenger Hunt in February. So keep an eye out for news for 2022!



  • Little Antique Mall | 3128 US-101
  • Rocking Horse Mall | 1542 NE HWY 101
  • Nelscott House Antiques | 3200 US-101
  • Granny’s Attic | 1520 NE HWY 101
  • Sea Hag Antiques | 3126 NE HWY 101
  • Carrousel By the Beach | 1615 NW US-101
  • 101 Inspirations | 1734 NE HWY 101
  • North By Northwest Books and Antiques (part of Street Car Village) | 6334 S HWY 101
  • AJ’s Crafts & Antiques | 1843 US-101
  • Coastal Treasures | 1845 SW HWY 101
  • Beach Bum Vintage | 4235 SW HWY 101


  • Time Capsule Antiques & More | 3560 N Oregon Coast HWY
  • What Not Shop | 411 US-101


  • Pirate’s Plunder | 3145 SE Ferry Slip Rd


  • Seal Rock Antiques | 10233 NW Pacific Coast HWY
  • She Shed Collectibles | 10541 NW Pacific Coast HWY


  • Lil Joe’s General Store | 180 NW HWY 101


  • Yachats Mystic Antiques | 310 US-101


  • Purple Pelican Antique Mall | 478 US-101


  • Leaf’s Treehouse Mini-Mall | 311 S Broadway

Happy shopping, friends! And let us know if you find any incredible treasures that you want to share.

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Antiquing is a favorite coastal activity. For those rainy, windy days that you don’t want to be outside, antiquing is the perfect way to spend your time.