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Wine Tasting Your Way to the Oregon Coast

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by: Karissa Courtney (with help from her wine connoisseur friends:

Maggie Peterson, Polly Peterson, & Kelly Slepicka)

*Select photos by Karissa Courtney


Maggie and Karissa both grew up in the valley, spending countless hours in the Dundee Hills, at wineries, and in the vineyards. The entire OPI team loves wine; Polly and Brent are even members at a few of the wineries on our list, so we can definitely speak to our favorites. Karissa’s mom works in the wine industry, providing great background knowledge into the system and process of wine making and tasting.

. . . . .

If you are traveling from out-of-state, you most likely will be flying in to the Portland International Airport (PDX). The other option is to fly into to the Eugene Airport (EUG), but it is much smaller and often more expensive.

From PDX, wine-country is less than an hour’s drive, and then only another two hours to our beach houses near Newport, OR. You would most likely be driving through wine country anyways, so we have created a must-see list of places to visit while you are driving by!

*NOTE: Drive time depends on time of day and traffic. Can range from 2 hours 40 minutes and up.
** The stars indicate winery locations, zoomed in below


Library wine: Portions of vintages held back to be re-released years after their debut.

Body: Light, Medium, or Full. How much you feel the weight of the wine on your tongue. For example, a wine with high alcohol levels or high sweetness, give the impression of a fuller body. Light bodied wines are typically white wines.

Dry: Means that the wine isn’t sweet. Dry, off-dry, or sweet.

Tannin: Red wines will have either high, medium, or low tannins. Tannins come together in subtle amounts and contribute to the “prickly, drying” sensation on your tongue and roof of your mouth. For example, Pinot Noirs typically have lower tannins.

Finish: Refers to the sensation in your mouth after you swallow a sip of wine. Typically wine can leave residual flavors that are described as sweet, tart, bitter, smoky, or a combination.

Complexity: A complex wine is one that has many different flavors that evolve over time in your mouth. Can be described as layered flavors.

Aeration: The deliberate addition of oxygen to round out and soften a wine.

Breathing: Exposing wine to oxygen to improve its flavors.

Mouth-Feel: How a wine feels on the palate; it can be rough, smooth, velvety, or furry

Winery vs Vineyard: A vineyard is the property where the grapes are grown for wine production while a winery is a licensed property that makes wine. Many wine companies have both in the same area, but some companies have vineyards that aren’t near their wine making facility.

Tasting Room: Part of a winery, typically located on the premises of the production, where the guests may sample the wine made.

. . . . .


This curated list includes all of the wineries that we think shouldn’t be missed if you are taking time to explore the valley.

If you will be coming in with a party of more than 5, always make a reservation. Also, if you are planning on making multiple stops in a day, we suggest at least an hour to an hour and a half at each winery, and a designated driver! We also suggest that visiting three wineries in one day is a reasonable amount, that way you can still taste the wine (if you get what I mean ;)). You can also take a nice break and try some more after you recuperate. Remember that most wineries close at 4PM or 5PM.



Argyle is best to start off your wine tasting experience. The knowledge you gain is curated based on your experience, so you can enter into the wine culture wherever you fall on the wine experience spectrum. Bubbles are a great apératif, and Argyle is near Red Hills Market. Getting food to prepare for the day of wine tasting is imperative to having a good time! Grab a cheese plate to go on your way out so you can snack in the car between wineries!

. . . 691 OR – 99W, Dundee, OR . . .


Whether you are looking for a place to relax in an Adirondack chair, enjoying rolling hills covered in vines with a glass of Rosé in hand, or a picnic lunch to pair with your tasting, this is it! Stoller is a “can’t miss” among the many choices of wineries in the valley. Beautiful location, delicious wines and family friendly. 

. . . 16161 NE McDougall Rd, Dayton, OR . . .


Stunningly perched upon the Dundee Hills overlooking the valley, this tasting room is surprisingly gorgeous. Views that are breathtaking, windows beneath your feet into the barrel room and wines that speak to the lushness that is the Dundee Hills. Furioso is a great place to relax and enjoy. 

. . . 8415 NE Worden Hill Rd, Dundee, OR . . .


Domaine Serene is an opulent and majestic place to take your wine tasting journey. Make sure to try a flight that includes their French wine brand; Château de la Crée. Offerings in their tasting room are many levels of flight experiences along with food to pair curated by their on-premise chefs.

. . . 6555 NE Hilltop Ln, Dundee, OR . . .


Lange is a more secluded winery with an amazing view. There is outdoor patio seating where you can enjoy the scenery, as well as a beautiful tasting room with couches, a fireplace, and tables. They have delicious wines—you really can’t go wrong here.

. . . 18380 NE Buena Vista Dr, Dundee, OR . . .


This is an off-the-beaten-path winery. New to the wine “map” in the Willamette valley, they still manage to have an incredibly regal vibe to their tasting room. I think that their Chardonnay is the best in the entire valley! Unmissable for a dry, mineral, floral, white wine lover.

. . . 18830 NE Williamson Rd, Newberg, OR . . .


Durant has a beautiful tasting space located on a hill overlooking much of the valley and with a great view of Mt. Hood. Inside there is sparse seating, but if it’s a nice day, you can take your drinks outside with you and enjoy the incredible view. The Raven Chardonnay is a wine that you should try. It is lightly oaked, allowing vanilla notes, with bright acidity that means that the wine will age gracefully, and is perfect for drinking now.

. . . 5430 NE Breyman Orchards Rd, Dayton, OR . . .


Their wines are in the French Burgundian style; very light and expressive Pinot Noirs. The wood-burning fireplace and cabin-like interior is cozy and intimate; not sterile at all, and very inviting! Their wines are light and beautiful, and the views are gorgeous and tucked-away. The pouring staff is always friendly and personable.

. . . 16435 NE Lewis Rodgers Ln, Newberg, OR . . .


Archery Summit is just down the hill from Domaine Serene and is a great stop on your wine tour. If you’re lucky, they sometimes have days where anyone can go down into the cellar and see all of their aging barrels. They have a tasting room down in the cellar where you can enjoy a unique tasting experience, or just tour around. If the cellar isn’t open to the public (it’s usually just for club members), the day you come, their regular tasting room is inviting, but less unique. There is a great view here as well and you can take your wine outside and enjoy it in the sun. They primarily offer Pinot Noirs, and I haven’t met one I didn’t like—all are exceptionally elegant.

. . . 18599 NE Archery Summit Rd, Dayton, OR . . .


Maysara is a a winery a little farther away from the rest that we listed, more on your way to the beach, and not too far out of the way. They have an incredible space (many people like to use it as a wedding venue, with obvious reason), with garden-like landscaping and paths and a unique tasting area. They have great wines, many of which are library wines, which is really exciting if you want to taste some older ones! Their Owl label Pinot Noir is especially good.

. . . 15765 SW Muddy Valley Rd, McMinnville, OR . . .



If you want some very regal and extravagant pinot noirs, this is the setting for you. When I visited, it was a hot day in Dundee; it made the deck with a huge umbrella covering especially appealing. The tasting experience is 5 star quality. We received a tour of the barrel room and the vines below the tasting deck, and it was worth experiencing.

. . . 8351 NE Worden Hill Rd, Dundee, OR . . .


Winderlea has an awesome selection of wines. The wines themselves are refined, elegant, and tasty. They recently unveiled a very good sparkling white wine, and it’s good (something different from Argyle).

. . . 8905 NE Worden Hill Rd, Dundee, OR . . .


They have a limited production Pinot Noir that is velvety soft, deep and complex, with notes of cherry vanilla, and rose.

. . . 8355 NE Warren Rd, Dundee, OR . . .


I think that the wine here is the biggest in the valley; if you’re looking to stray from the traditional Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, you will find the extremes at this winery! The Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Cab Franc, Sangiovese are all fantastic, large-bodied wines, well-paired with a rich pasta dinner to end your evening of wine tasting! I recommend ending your tasting day here.

. . . 16825 NE Chehalem Dr, Newberg, OR . . .


(If you are planning on staying for a couple of days before heading to the beach)

  1. The Allison Inn & Spa ~ Newberg
  2. The Market Lofts ~ Dundee, above Red Hills Market
  3. Pulp & Circumstance Vacation Rentals ~ Newberg, Above Pulp & Circumstance
  4. Farmhouse at Stock Farms ~ Newberg
  5. Domaine McDougall ~ Dayton
  6. Red Hills Estates ~ Dundee
  7. Archery Summit Red Hills Estate ~ Dundee
  8. The Inn at Red Hills ~ Dundee
  9. The Fox Bungalow ~ Newberg



Located right off the main road through town, Red Hills Market is a must. Maggie and Karissa actually worked here a while back, so it holds a special place for us. They offer wood-fired pizzas and sandwiches, cold sandwiches, delicious salads and sides, as well as fresh espresso drinks and a rotating beer and wine list. Not to mention, their cocktails are delicious – would definitely recommend the Lemon Basil. Most of their ingredients are locally sourced and they offer seasonal options as well!

This is a great stop after beginning your tasting day at Argyle, located right across the street from one another!

Address: 155 SW 7th St, Dundee, OR


The Bistro sits right across the street from Red Hills Market. While The Market is great for any meal of the day, The Bistro is best for dinner. They are a little bit more fancy and you can be sure to find fresh seafood on the menu year round (usually clams).

Address: 100 SW 7th St A, Dundee, OR


If you love good food, you have to come here for a fine dining experience. It’s a small, quaint little building, so we recommend making a reservation, especially if you have a larger group. They serve dinner Thursday-Monday, so don’t try to go on Tuesday or Wednesday, you will be disappointed! Their appetizers alone are worth praise: truffled mushroom saute, oysters, fried brussel sprouts and more. For entres they offer scallops, duck, lamb, and others. I have never had anything here that I didn’t like. They also have a large wine menu and offer house-made cocktails. Like most of the other restaurants on this list, they use locally sourced ingredients and have a changing menu around them for different seasons.

Address: 760 OR-99W, Dundee, OR


Trellis is a great stop on your way through Dundee, located at the beginning of town. This is a nice place to eat if you have already exhausted Red Hills Market. They specialize in sandwiches, but also have salads and yummy appetizers.

Address: 110 OR-99W, Dundee, OR


A favorite brunch/breakfast place at the west end of Dundee as you are leaving town. They always have fun and unique mimosas, and also have delicious gluten-free waffles of all sorts.

Location: 1410 OR-99W, Dundee, OR



Jory is a fan favorite. Located in The Alison Inn & Spa, eating here is a true luxury, fine dining experience. The chefs are always creating new and exciting menus and using local, seasonal ingredients. For dinner they offer a 4 course, wine paired meal, as well as a caviar course that you can add on.

Location: 2525 Allison Ln, Newberg, OR


Like the Painted-Lady (below), Recipe is located in a restored old house with lots of character and a unique atmosphere. They serve a seasonal menu with local ingredients. Unlike the Painted Lady, they are semi casual dining, and less of an undertaking. You can enjoy a regular dinner meal and not have to set aside a few hours.

Recipe Location: 115 N Washington St., Newberg, OR


The Painted Lady is a true experience, usually hours long. They serve dinner Wednesday through Sunday. It is located in a restored Victorian-style home where they serve classic dishes updated for a modern, refined palate. They offer a rotating seasonal (many) course menu. The February course menu is 9 courses and you can always also add a wine paring to your meal.

Location: 201 S College St, Newberg, OR


Barley & Vine is a great place to meet up with friends after dinner. If you have already recovered from the day of wine tasting and want to gather again, this is a great place to do so. They have tons of local beers on tap, as well as a short list of cocktails and wines to choose from. If you need a little snack, they also have a great food menu and we definitely recommend the nachos and cheese plate! The space feels very modern, but still cozy with high top tables, as well a couch area.

Location: 408 E 1st St, Newberg, OR


SubTerra has an awesome happy hour every night 5-6. They are especially good at hosting private dinner parties and have delicious risotto and the best creme brulee out of any that we have tried.

Location: 1505 Portland Rd, Newberg, OR


Honey Pie is fairly new to the food scene in Newberg, and the minute they opened they were a local favorite. Like their name suggests, their pizzas have honey on top and I’m not sure how I lived so long without it. The space is limited, so arrive early on the weekends or in the summer. In the warmer months they have extra patio seating, which is a great place to gather with a group. They have a list of beers and wines, and if you like mushrooms you should definitely try their “Fungus Among Us” pizza. If you are going for just a snack, their “Truffle Cheese Bread” is to die for.

Location: 112 1/2 S College St, Newberg, OR

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