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Pit Stop to the Beach: Newberg & Dundee Oregon


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By Maggie Peterson

Photos by Kelly Slepicka and Karissa Courtney

We could all use a break. Consider this next ten minutes of reading a vacation for your mind. This is a guide for all of you who have arrived a day early to Oregon leading up to your vacation at the beach. Maybe you’ve arrived early because the flights were cheaper if you arrived on a Thursday. Maybe you use this blog as an excuse to have a special day to yourself, or with your partner. My tips and favorite spots are all listed here so you have fun while you gear up for the following beach weekend.

You have a 4 day weekend for vacation; you’ve taken off Thursday and Monday, and you’re going to spend it at the gorgeous Oregon coast. You’ve packed all of the layers you need, and even your sunglasses. You’ve navigated the airport effortlessly, and have the perfect amount of time to get a warm beverage and peruse the snacks and magazines. Your flight goes smoothly, and you’ve landed in PDX! Congratulations, your vacation and exploration begins here.

. . . . . . . . . .

After you’ve landed at the Portland International Airport (PDX), you’ll need a caffeine pick-me-up! Stumptown Coffee Roasters is located between the B & C Terminal, and it’s always delicious. If you’ve arrived in the D/E Terminal, you can cross between the terminals without exiting security, just follow the signs. Order the cortado or cappuccino for the perfect treat to give you courage to navigate the car rental and google maps directions to get to your next stop: Red Hills Market in Dundee, Oregon! 

Photo from Stumptown Coffee

Once you’ve arrived at Red Hills Market, head upstairs to your room: The Red Hills Market Lofts. Login to the wifi, relax, and refresh. Napping is heavily encouraged! Once you’re ready to have a bite, head downstairs for a glass of Pinot Noir or Chardonnay (the most popular wines around this area) and a wood-fired pizza with burrata, sea salt, and truffle oil. We cannot say enough good things about Red Hills Market; the staff, food selection, wine selection, atmosphere, and location; they really have it all! Outdoor Adirondack seating when the weather is nice to top it all off, and you can’t complain about one single thing.

If the day allows, saunter back to Newberg for some shopping! Pulp & Circumstance is the go-to spot for any and all gifts. They have cards, home goods, kids’ toys, jewelry, local art, ceramics, and bulk candy. Indulge, grab a gift for the kids, or even a pretty pair of earrings for a nice dinner in Newport. If you’re gathering for a specific occasion while at the beach, this is a great spot to pick up any last-minute treasures. 

Do you need to pick up some special bottles of wine to share on your vacation? Right across the street from Pulp & Circumstance you’ll find  Valley Wine Merchants. VWM has a gorgeous selection, and they will help you find bottles that represent the Willamette Valley well. Ask for good, dry rieslings to pair with seafood.

You’ll need to shop for vintage clothing, so walk over to Velour. The floor-plan thoughtfully arranged, making for a very leisurely shopping experience. If you need a last-minute item for your time at the beach, you can find some unique pieces at Velour. Even if you don’t need anything, wandering through Velour is something I do every time I come to the valley; they have such a beautiful collection of vintage goods. 

If you fancy another beverage while shopping in Newberg, Chapters Books and Coffee has fantastic baristas! If you want to pick up a book to read while overlooking the Pacific Ocean, they have an enormous variety. They have a delicious chai latte, and you can pick up your own bag of chai for your mornings at the coast when driving to Chapters isn’t an option. 

If you fancy an adult beverage while in Newberg, check out Ruddick/Wood. Their tavern is casual but has a very cool vibe. Their beer, cocktails, and wine selection are awesome, and the truffle fries are unforgettable. If you’re there during the warmer months, you can enjoy the outdoor seating.

When you’ve made it back to Red Hills Market and The Red Hills Market Lofts, drop off your goodies in your room and head back downstairs. Enjoy a proper dinner and watch the locals roll in; the people watching is excellent. From the kids to the dogs, everyone is welcome at the market. Get a good night’s sleep, you’ll want it for the fun weekend ahead!



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