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Arrival & Departure Instructions

The Oregon Beach House

Property address: 7304 SW Pacific Coast Hwy Waldport, OR 97394

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take me to: the obh binder

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Arrival information

  • Check-in time is 3:30pm Monday-Saturday, 5:00pm on Sunday.

  • Please look over this required reading regarding COVID-19 and our vacation rental: English & Spanish Version, Ukrainian Version

  • The Wifi Network: MySpectrumWiFi28-2G and MySpectrumWiFi28-5G the Password: yellowflower734. The Wifi modem is in the closet of the loft room.

  • To open the front door of the house, enter the code 4800 and turn over the deadbolt to the right (clockwise). To lock the house, press the Schlage button and turn over the deadbolt to left (counterclockwise). Whenever you leave, please lock all of the doors and windows securely, and lock the deadbolt. If you enter the code improperly, the Schlage button will flash red.

  • Garbage collection is on MONDAY MORNING. Please have the garbage in the outdoor bins by SUNDAY NIGHT. Even if you leave on a Monday morning, it is crucial that you get the garbage and recycling out into the bins. If you don’t do this, you could be subject to a fine for an additional garbage haul.

  • The garbage is located in the far right cupboard in the kitchen when facing the ocean.

  • Please throw your glass in the garbage bin, or take it with you when you leave. Paper, cardboard, cans, and cleaned plastic can be recycled in the recycling bin. There are glass depositories at Newport Recycling Center (7450 NE Avery) and in South Beach at the Rogue Ales Brewery parking lot.

  • Please check on the hot tub as soon as you arrive at the home. We have it cleaned for every single guest, but we want to know if there’s anything wrong. Give Brent a call at (503)-260-5087, say that you’re staying at Oregon Beach House, and he will try and help troubleshoot the problem. It’s important to call as soon as possible so that we have adequate time during working hours to call in a technician if there are issues beyond what we can solve over the phone.

  • The key to unlock the hot tub is on a hook by the west exit in the garage, tied to a large fishing lure.

  • After using the hot tub, make sure that the cables are secure atop the cover by clipping them securely. This is imperative, as the windy beach can blow it away if left unsecured.

  • There is a timer located to the right of the Fireplace for operation, on the ceiling of the bookshelf. You might have to wait awhile before it kicks on, so give it at least a minute to get going and ignite.

  • Sand is always a battle to keep out of the house; kindly remove your shoes indoors and use the broom located in the main house’s laundry room to keep the entryways clean.

  • You will find ant traps throughout the home, as we constantly are trying to combat them. Please leave them where they are, and know that summer especially is (unfortunately) the “season of ants”.

  • Please do not put anything besides wood inside of the Fire Pit. (This includes cigarette butts, trash, bottle caps, wrappers, etc.)

  • Smoking is allowed at the outdoor smoker’s post only. Please do not dispose of cigarette butts anywhere else.

  • Driving on the beach is prohibited most areas in Oregon, including this one.

  • Nine cars can be parked in the parking lot at the home.

  • The bathtubs are only soaking tubs; the jacuzzi function is non-operational. If you want jets, please utilize the outdoor hot tub overlooking the ocean!

  • We use single-ply toilet paper for the sake of the septic system. We understand that this can be frustrating, but other kinds of toilet paper clog up the septic.

  • Extra towels can be found under the sinks in the bathrooms. Extra sheets and blankets can be found in most of the bedrooms in the closets and ottomans, as well as the laundry room closet.

  • Check-out time is 10:30am.

departure & check-out information

  • When departing after your stay, please turn the thermostat to 66°F. Please turn all Lights off as well.

  • Make sure all of the blinds are open. Do not leave the blinds closed as this causes mold and mildew.

  • Please leave the theater door closed when you leave to retain heat.

  • Replace any moved furniture to its original location! Couches, tables, chairs, lamps, etc.

  • When stripping the beds, please only remove the sheets and pillowcases. If the top bedding is soiled, you may put it in the laundry room, but otherwise please leave it where it was originally found. Leave the duvet, duvet covers, and decorative pillows or blankets in the room you originally found them in. Bring all used pillow cases, fitted sheets, and top sheets down to the laundry room.

  • Please have a load of Laundry drying in each dryer and one running in each washer when you leave the house. This is necessary for our cleaners to turnover the house efficiently. Please start with the towels, as this helps out our cleaners immensely.

  • When putting the appropriate dirty laundry in the laundry room, make sure to separate the towels, sheets, and soiled items. This is important for being able to turnover the house efficiently.

  • If there are any items contaminated with vomit or blood, please clean them up. Do not throw them in with the dirty laundry or other bedding items. If there are soiled towels beyond salvaging, please leave a note. You may be charged a fee if towels are ruined.

  • Have the dishes clean in the Dishwasher, or at the very least, running when you depart.

  • Take or dispose of all of the food, leftovers, or condiments in the Fridge and anywhere else in the home before you leave.

  • Please take all garbage and plastic recycling and place it in the outdoor garbage and recycling cans before you leave.

  • When using the Grill, if the propane runs out, please leave a note for the cleaner so it can be refilled before our next guest arrives.

  • Make sure you’re not walking away with any of our electronics, remotes, cords, books or blankets. We bought them ourselves, and very much like them.

  • Please don’t forget your stuff! Chargers, DVD’s, Coats, (etc.). If you do happen to leave an item, you can send an email with a description of your item(s) and address to our email listed above. You will be charged $25 for the time as well as postage if you would like your item returned to you.

  • Close and lock all Windows and Doors before you leave! You could be subject to fines if you do not leave the home secure.

As a last note, failure to do all of these check-out tasks or general care tasks will incur a fine. This fine will be taken from the refundable damage deposit. The fine reflects the extra hourly work that our cleaners have to do on top of the normal cleaning to turn over the home. To avoid the fee, please make sure that you follow these arrival and departure instructions very closely.

what we provide

  • We provide towels, spa towels, all linens and bedding, throw blankets, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, blow dryers, hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, toilet paper, and paper towels.

  • We do NOT provide firewood, but you can order some through us and we will drop it off at the house for you for $8 per bundle (5 bundle minimum)!

  • We do NOT have air conditioning. The temperature on the Oregon Coast rarely gets above 70 °F in the summer months, but if you are hot, the windows open and the ocean always brings in a nice breeze.

packing suggestions

  • If you’re planning on cooking: condiments, Tupperware for food storage, tin foil, plastic wrap, and plastic bags all come in handy.

  • When packing clothing, it’s a good reminder to have layers; the weather at the beach changes quickly and there’s usually, rain, wind, sunshine, and overcast weather all within the span of a few hours. We suggest coats, hats, gloves, tee shirts, slippers, a swimsuit, and waterproof boots.

garbage & recycling

  • “Keep it Clean” – only dispose of recyclables in the recycle bin if you are confident that they can be recycled. If you are in doubt, look it up, or simply dispose of the item in the trash bin.

  • Recyclable Items:

    • RINSED plastic bottles and jugs NOT crushed

    • RINSED tin and aluminum cans NOT crushed, aluminum foil, pie pans, metal lids, and empty aerosol cans (do not puncture or remove nozzle)

    • Paper/Cardboard

  • Glass can be taken into the recycling center, but CANNOT be put into the Recycle bin that gets picked up.

  • Everything else goes into the Trash. Currently, Lincoln County does not pick up compostables and they must go in the trash unless you take them with you.

kitchen items

  • Wine refrigerator, assortment of knives and cutlery, electric griddle, assortment of cooking utensils, large serving and mixing bowls, oven mitts, colanders, pots and pans, cheese grater, cutting boards, 4-slot toaster, blender, 2 basket style coffee pots, french press, coffee grinder, coffee filters, hot water heater, plates, bowls, cups, wine and beer openers, 2 large Crock Pots, 2 small Crock Pots, place mats.

  • Salt, pepper, and a variety of spices

fun extras

  • Loft hang out area with view.

  • Pool table, ping pong table, and foosball table in the garage. Movie theater off of the garage as well.

  • Beach toys located by the door leading out to the hot tub.

  • Pool, ping pong, and foosball in the garage. Movie theater off of the garage as well.

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