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Oregon Coast Real Estate 101 Part II: Decor

Real estate know-how for vacation rentals on the Oregon Coast. This part is all about design and how hiring a designer can truly transform a space!

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Whale Watching

By Karissa Courtney . . . . . Have you been wondering when the Oregon Whale Watching season is? Well, we are now in Oregon’s

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Coastal Real Estate 101 Part I: Location

By Polly Peterson What should you consider when investing in a vacation rental along the Oregon coast? A three-part series where we look at tips

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by Karissa Courtney FIRST OFF, WHAT EXACTLY IS A TIDEPOOL? Tidepools are areas where water collects in the intertidal zone when the tide is out

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The King Tides

By Polly Peterson In January of this year, we drove out to the coast for the day. It was the weekend for King Tides. But

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Ocean Health

By: Karissa Courtney CONTENTS THE OCEAN- BACKGROUND Intro We (The OPI Team) love the ocean, and so do most other people! It is mesmerizing, expansive,