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Antiquing is a favorite coastal activity. For those rainy, windy days that you don’t want to be outside, antiquing is the perfect way to spend your time.

Beach Lifestyle

The Oregon Coast “Spa”

Guest: Valerie Estelle Rogers V. Estelle Travel ~ Website: vestelletravel.com _________________________________________________ Oh, this year! We are trudging along, we are doing our best to keep

Golfing on the Oregon Coast

Guest: Steven Bell Instagram: @steven__bell – Email: [email protected] Website: https://stbell24.wixsite.com/photography-showcase “Great day for a trip to the beach” – A phrase often sarcastically grumbled by golfers after

Bella Beach

Guest: Valerie Estelle Rogers V. Estelle Travel ~ Website: vestelletravel.com I remember asking, yes, but where is Bella Beach? I’ve lived 60 miles from this

Surfing in Oregon

By Karissa Courtney Some fun surfing terms: When thinking of surfing, it’s not often that Oregon is considered. California, Mexico, and Hawaii are usually first

A Day at Overlook: Nye Beach

By: Maggie Peterson BOOK TO STAY AT OVERLOOK NOW! It goes without saying that this summer is different from last year’s; but Nye Beach in

Running on the Beach

by: Guest Writer, Erin Sanders You can find her on instagram at: @erin.sanders_ There’s nothing quite like running on the Oregon coast, with the peaceful

Beach Lifestyle

Crabbing, Clamming, & Fishing

Table of Contents CRABBING If you didn’t already know, Newport has been deemed “The Dungeness Capital of the World”! The Yaquina Bay is definitely the